Why Should You Select Nevada Discount Registered Agent to Register Your Out of State Company in Nevada?

  • Our Fee is only $69.95 per year. We have no plans to increase it.
  • We specialize exclusively in Nevada Business Entities – not all 50 States.
  • Registered Agent Services is our only business!
  • We take the time to listen and understand your unique company.

Ask yourself when selecting a Registered Agent to Register Your Out of State Company in Nevada — how in the world can somebody be an expert on the laws and statues of every State in the country? You deserve to talk to an expert. We answer your on-going questions about your entity without charge. We communicate with integrity and candor – we simply tell you the truth and we keep our word.

We realize your company is unique and has different needs, so if there is an important consideration or question, please do not hesitate to ask us and we will find a way to accommodate your specific service needs.

Registered Agent Services is what we do. And we do it in ways that go well beyond basic requirements. With long standing, established, protocols and an effective system for Service of Process, we handle your Registered Agent needs in a timely and efficient manner. Whether we are forwarding Official State or Federal Mail, alerting you to Annual Report filing deadlines or handling a Service of Process, we deliver the quality service you expect. As your critical documents arrive, we help you stay in compliance and maintain your company’s cherished Good Standing.

In the unlikely event that your business is named in a lawsuit, the Service of Process will be handled professionally, confidentially and expeditiously by us. In such matters, time is always of the essence and could be the difference between your corporate shield being intact and impenetrable, or your corporate veil being pierced due to lack of a timely defense.

When You Register Your Out of State Company in Nevada – With Our Service You Receive:

  • Free Mail Forwarding Of All State And Federal Documents.
  • Annual Notification Of Filing Requirements: Avoid State-Imposed Penalties
  • Immediate Notification If Your Company Is Ever Served.
  • Amazing Client Service From A Team That Wants To Work For You.

We provide a FREE, automated, Reminder Service so that you are never late for critical filings. We e-mail, fax, mail and, if we haven’t heard from you by the deadline – we’ll call you personally so that you’re never unintentionally late.

We understand that you are busy and filing your Annual List each year is not on the top of your mind. Your business is. It is not easy chasing people down when they are due but we do it to keep you out of trouble. It’s virtually unheard of to find a Registered Agent who will go to that extent to protect a client.

We NEVER try to sell you unnecessary products or (hidden, billable) services like certified copies, bookkeeping, tapes or manuals, office rent, inflated filing fees, deluxe record books or company seals.

We will pass onto you ideas to increase the revenue of your business or decrease your expenses through our Newsletter and help desk.

Our firm, Nevada Discount Registered Agent has been a family owned and operated business since 2001. Our main focus is on service not sales. It is our philosophy to provide you with what you need, not with what additional services we might sell you. It is our dedication to and reputation for a superb rating for client service and integrity that has allowed us to grow for over 10 years. As many other Nevada companies have experienced, you can trust Nevada Discount Registered Agent to handle all of your Registered Agent and Registered Office needs!

We Seek Win-Win Situations

The process of choosing a Registered Agent to Register Your Out of State Company in Nevada is actually very simple. Upon your decision to use Nevada Discount Registered Agent, we will prepare and send you an Acceptance of Registered Agent, in PDF format, for you to include in the package that you send to the Secretary of State or send to us if you would like us to file it for you. Our goal is for you to have No Additional Cost or Loss Of Time. We value your business and commit to “Extra Mile” service that will make you happy with your decision to use Nevada Discount Registered Agent.

Compare Registered Agents

There are several professional Registered Agent companies from which to choose. The actual company you select to provide this service is an important choice. If you miss a filing, the penalty is $175. If you are not advised of a Court Service, the penalty could be a judgement against your company. The decision to use a Registered Agent is most commonly based on several important considerations including client service, service of process handling, types of services offered, and pricing.

As the Registered Agent, we will be handling the receipt of any legal documents on your behalf and be assisting you with compliance-related matters. You have entrusted us with the responsibility to notify you when your filing fees and reports are due and to notify you when you have been served. We take that responsibility seriously.

At Nevada Discount Registered Agent we continually evaluate ourselves against the other professional Registered Agent companies to ensure that we are truly providing the absolute best Registered Agent services.