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Valuable Business Links

We have provided several valuable links to assist you with operating a Nevada business entity.

Nevada Legal Press

Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes [NRS 80.190 et seq.] each out of state corporation, in order to be qualified to do business in Nevada, is required to publish an Annual Statement in two issues of a Nevada newspaper. The statement must be published each calendar year. We recommend using Nevada Legal Press. Their fee is $30.00 and includes publishing your Annual Statement in two issues of their newspaper and a Certification of Publication for your records.

James P. Cecil Company, Inc.

If you want to grow your business, give these people a call. This is not just another marketing company. They are marketing pioneers, consultants, educators, planners, and partners – and they are proudly changing the rules. is the nation’s leading debt information site. While they offer information on a variety of financial issues ranging from personal finances to student loans, they also offer an entire section of their site dedicated to Small Business Finances. You can check it out at’s Small Business page.