Change Your Registered Agent

Change Your Registered Agent

Most of the time the person or company that formed your Nevada Company chose who your Registered Agent was. A lot of time this results in a higher cost than necessary. You have a choice of who your Registered Agent is. Anytime you want to change your Registered Agent, you can do so. The process is easy and fast.

We Are Nevada Discount Registered Agent, Inc.

We are a family operated business. We have been Registered Agents since 2000. You can read more about us at About Nevada Discount Registered Agent.

What Is It Going To Cost To Appoint Us As Your Nevada Registered Agent?

Our annual Registered Agent fee is $69.95. Yes, that is lower than most Registered Agents. However, $69.95 is enough money for us to make a good living, be here to serve you every year and still low enough so it will not weigh you down you.

What Do You Get For Your $69.95?

Well, the most important thing you get is outstanding client service. For a complete description of what we offer you, please go to Why Should You Select Nevada Discount Registered Agent.

There Are Some Things We Will Not Do.

  • We will not tell you lies or half truths in order for you to remain our client.
  • We never try to sell you additional services or products that you do not need and will waste your money.
  • We never have Gimmicks to entice you.
  • We never have any Bait and Switch Offers.
  • We do not sell nominee services. If someone has told you that you need Nominee Directors, Officers, or Managers, please read this post.

The State Of Nevada Is Going To Charge You To Change Your Registered Agent

The State of Nevada charges $60.00 to change your Registered Agent. It generally takes the State of Nevada a week or two to file the change depending on how busy they are. The last days of the month are very busy because a lot of business owners wait until the end of the month to pay their Annual List. The first couple of weeks of the month are also busy because the Secretary of State is trying to process all the Annual Lists that came in the last few days of the previous month.

Call Us

If you have more questions, or just need to talk to a live human being, before choosing us, please give us a call at 775.782.6587. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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