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Nevada Discount Registered Agent, Inc. is your best resource when to incorporate in Nevada and when forming a new Nevada company online today. We provide you with excellent client service to professionally help you create your new Nevada company. Protect your business and personal assets by utilizing a business entity.

When you form a new Nevada company with Nevada Discount Registered Agent, Inc., the first thing we do is conduct a name search for your Company to confirm that your name is available for use in Nevada. After that is confirmed, we prepare and file legal documents with the Corporations Division of the Nevada Secretary of State. Once your documentation has been successfully filed, your Nevada Company will become official as a legal business entity.

“What do you Charge Me to Form a New Nevada Company & Incorporate in Nevada?”

When you appoint us to be your Nevada Registered Agent, we will help you incorporate in Nevada and form a new Nevada company for $100.00 and our regular Registered Agent fee, which is $95.00 a year. Of course, you have to pay the State of Nevada’s filing fee.

Nevada Discount Registered Agent, Inc. Overview

Nevada Discount Registered Agent, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business that has been established for over 15 years. Registered Agent is our only business. You can read more information about us at Nevada Discount Registered Agent.

If you would like to read a detailed description of our services, please check out, Why Should You Select Nevada Discount Registered Agent.

Is the Name of my New Nevada Company Available?

Go to the Secretary of State’s website Business Entities Search page and type in the name you want for your new company. If it is not taken and it is not too similar to another business' name, your chances are greater to use it for your business.

If you want the Nevada Secretary of State to formally reserve a company name for you, go on their website at Nevada Secretary of State and click on "Name Reservations."

Certain words, if used as part of the name or purpose, require advance approval by one of the State’s regulatory agencies - Financial Institutions Division, Insurance Division, State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, State Board of Accountancy or Real Estate Division. Check out Nevada’s Regulatory Word List.

If you submit a name in a foreign language, you need to provide an English translation of the name.

How would you like to end your Company's Name?

You may put an ending on the name of your Corporation like: Inc., Incorporated, or Corporation.

You must put an ending on the name of your Limited Liability Company like LC, LLC, Limited, Limited Co, Limited Company, Limited Liability Co, Limited Liability Company, Limited-Liability Co, Limited-Liability Company, LTD.

Organizational Requirements

It only takes one person to form a new company in Nevada. The State does not need your signature on any paperwork for the formation of your new company. In fact, we only need three items: your company name, the name of the organizer & director or manager, and your payment. It is as simple as that.

Nevada State law requires that certain information be included in your Articles:

• The company name.

• The name and address of the organizer.

• The name and address of the initial director, manager or managing member.

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