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At Nevada Discount Registered Agent, we will provide you with excellent client service; professionally, confidentially, and expeditiously handle any Service of Process; assist you in maintaining your corporate compliance and meeting all filing deadlines, and will accommodate your specific service needs, all for only $95.00 per year. We keep our costs low and affordable.

Nevada Discount Registered Agent has been providing Nevada registered agents services for over 15 years. We are a small, tight-knit team that works closely to provide you and all of our clients with the exceptional client service you deserve. We take pride in all of our work, and we are always ready to assist you with your Nevada registered agent needs.

When you call Nevada Discount Registered Agent, we answer the phone. Yes, a live representative in Carson City, Nevada answers your phone call during business hours. We have no call center or automated answering system. When you need our help, we drop what we are doing to help you because we care about our clients and their businesses or you can always visit our CONTACT US page if you have more questions.

For owners, directors, and officers of Nevada companies who are tired of spending hundreds of dollars a year more than necessary for competent, experienced registered agent services, Nevada Discount Registered Agent is here specifically to serve you with consistently exceptional client service that professionally, confidentially, and expeditiously handles any Service of Process, as well as assist you in maintaining your corporate compliance and meeting all filing deadlines.

Compare Registered Agents to Nevada Discount Registered Agent

There are several professional registered agent providers from which to choose. The actual company you select to provide this service is an important choice. If you miss a filing, the penalty is $175. If you are not advised of court service, the penalty could be a judgment against your company. The decision to use a registered agent is most commonly based on several important considerations, including client service, service of process handling, types of services offered, and pricing.

As the registered agent, we will be handling the receipt of any legal documents on your behalf and be assisting you with compliance-related matters. You have entrusted us with the responsibility to notify you when your filing fees and reports are due and to notify you when you have been served. We take that responsibility seriously.

At Nevada Discount Registered Agent, we continually evaluate ourselves against the other professional registered agent providers to ensure that we are truly providing the absolute best-registered agent services.

Unlike many other registered agents, we specialize exclusively in Nevada and Wyoming business entities and only charge $95.00 a year for everything. We have assembled an excellent, highly-skilled, local customer help-desk team that measures itself by how often they get to ‘go the extra mile’ for clients.

Finally, our clients tell us they value us because we take the time to actually listen to and understand their unique needs, which allows us to  'go the extra mile'. We will always do our best to accommodate your specific requests.

We have a comprehensive list of our services at Why Should You Select Nevada Discount Registered Agent? Please check it out.

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