Minute Book Samples

Your Corporate Minute Book

Every business entity needs a Corporate Minute Book. It can be formal or informal. Even though you can use a binder from Walmart and make a book up yourself using the Minute Book Samples below, we suggest you buy one from CorpKits. It is much more professional.

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Minute Book Samples

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Minute Book Samples For Corporations

Your company should hold regular meetings to document major decisions that are made. With a corporation, it is required that you hold a shareholders' meeting and a director's meeting every year. If you neglect these formalities and your business runs into legal trouble, a court may decide to disregard your corporate status and hold you personally responsible for the corporation's debts. The date, the time, and the location of your annual meetings are prescribed in your by-laws. Minutes of annual meetings must present a complete and accurate picture of the corporation’s activities. Below are Minute Book Samples that you can use to record those meetings.

Sample Corporation By-Laws

Sample Annual Meeting Shareholders

Sample Annual Meeting Directors

Minute Book Samples For Limited Liability Companies

Limited liability companies should also document major decisions and annual meetings. LLCs have no legally mandated annual meeting requirements; however, it is often advantageous for an LLC to have an annual meeting, as the practice can prove beneficial in certain tax and legal scenarios. Recording the meeting minutes will show that members are acting within the scope of their authority, which helps insulate members from personal liability. Below are Corporate Minute samples that limited liability companies can use.

Sample Operating Agreement

Sample Annual Meeting Members

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