File Your Nevada Corporation Online Yourself

File Your Nevada Corporation Online Yourself

This tutorial will take you step by step so that you can file your Nevada corporation online yourself. If you have any problems or questions, please call us at 775.782.6587, and we will help you.

Is the Name of my New Corporation Available?

The Nevada Secretary of State does not provide a name availability service. However, you can go to the Secretary of State’s website Business Entities Search page and type in the name you want for your new corporation. If it is not taken and it is not too similar to another business, you may use it to create your business.

If you want the Nevada Secretary of State to formally reserve a Corporation Name for you, you can:

You can request that a name be reserved by submitting a completed Name Reservation Form, along with the filing fee of $25.00. You may expedite your name reservation by including an additional $25.00. Be sure to request “expedited service” in your cover letter.

You may also reserve a name on the Secretary of State’s Website by clicking on “Name Reservations.”

If you reserve a corporation name you will need to include the name reservation job number and the document number referenced on the document(s) you received from the Secretary of State’s office in response to your name reservation request.

Certain words, if used as part of the business name or purpose, require advanced approval by one of the state’s regulatory agencies: the Financial Institutions Division, the Insurance Division, the State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, the State Board of Accountancy, or the Real Estate Division. Check out Nevada’s Regulatory Word List.

If you submit a name in a foreign language, you need to provide an English translation of the name.

How would you like to end your Corporation’s name?

You may put an ending on the name of your corporation, such as Co, Company, Corp, Corporation, Inc, Incorporated, Limited, or LTD, or you can choose not to include one of these endings in your business name: In Nevada, you do not have to have an ending after the name of a corporation.

What is the Purpose of my new Corporation?

This is optional and self-explanatory. I have always used the words “To engage in any lawful activity within or without the State of Nevada.”

Who is going to be your Registered Agent in Nevada?

All Nevada Business entities are required to maintain a registered agent with a valid street address in Nevada for service of process. At Nevada Discount Registered Agent, Inc., we take our responsibility very seriously, and we go the extra mile to serve our clients. Our registered agent fee is $95.00 a year. We will e-mail you a completed Acceptance Form (PDF) that you will upload when you file your articles online. Click here to get your Acceptance Form. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 775.782.6587.

Should I have par or no-par shares?

Most shares issued today are classified as no-par stock. No-par value stock prices are determined by what investors are willing to pay for them in the market. Companies find it beneficial to issue no-par value stock as they have flexibility in setting higher prices for future public offerings and have less liability to shareholders in the case that their stock falls dramatically.

How many Shares should I authorize to be issued?

The State of Nevada determines your filing fee based on the number of authorized shares. Authorized does not mean issued. You can have the authorization to issue 75,000 shares and only issue 1. If you choose to authorize the corporation to issue up to 75,000 shares of no-par stock, the filing fee to form your corporation is $75.00. This is the minimum filing fee. I have always authorized 25,000 shares of no-par stock when I formed corporations – and I have formed quite a few.

Who is going to be your Director/Trustee?

In a corporation, shareholders elect the director/trustee, and the director/trustee elects the officers. In most cases, this is going to by you. If it is not, have the director’s/trustee’s name and address available.

Who is going to form your new Corporation?

Again, in most cases, this is going to be you. However, another business entity can be the incorporator. Decide who this will be and have his or her address available.

Which tax form do you want to use with the IRS?

This is a question you need to ask your CPA or tax advisor. Ask your CPA how you want to be classified with the IRS. You have the choice of being taxed as a regular corporation (C) or an “s” corporation.

Before filing, you need to create an account with the Nevada Secretary of State.

Go to Nevada’s One-Stop Shop for Business Registration and complete the simple questions. When you are finished, the SOS sends an email link to the email address you provided. Click on the link to activate the account, and then you can log in.

Ok, let’s check what we have done so far.

  • You have answered all of these questions and are ready to enter your information online.
  • You have received the Acceptance Form (PDF) provided by your new registered agent.
  • You have a Nevada Secretary of State online account set up.

You are now ready to file for your new Corporation.

  • Go to Start a Business .
  • Click on “Corporation & Next.”
  • Enter your email and password and click “Sign In.”
  • Begin entering your information:
    • Corporation name
    • Corporation ending
    • English translation of the corporation’s name
    • Purpose of the corporation
  • Regulatory Approval – Skip this unless you have a special Nevada license
  • Attach form


  • Select your registered agent.
  • Search and find Nevada Discount Registered Agent, Inc and choose “Select.”


  • Check “I am not the registered agent stated above”
  • Browse to find the Registered Agent Acceptance file (PDF) on your computer and click “Attach Form.”


  • Enter the number of shares without par value – 75,000 or less.
  • Click the box “Set No Par Shares.”


  • Add whoever is to be your initial director/trustee and his/her address.
  • Click “Add Director/Trustee.”


  • Add whoever is to be your incorporator and his/her address.
  • Click “Add Incorporator.”
  • Declaration of Terms and Conditions
  • Click “Accept.”


  • Upload supporting documents (You probably will not have any. Do not upload you by-laws.)
  • If you do have something, click “Attach Form.”


  • Review all the information you entered, and if it is all correct click “Add to Cart.”
  • Next, proceed to checkout.
  • Charge to a credit/debit card.

Initial List of Officers

Your initial list of officers has to be filed with the Nevada Secretary of State when you file your articles today. In order to open a bank account, the bank will require that you bring in your file-stamped initial list, which can be taken care of now.

The Nevada filing fee for the initial list is $150.00, which is also the fee that you will pay to the State of Nevada every year when you file your annual list of officers.

Along with your Initial List the State will require you to obtain the Nevada State Business License.

This costs $500.00 per year unless you are exempt. Nevada exempts the following businesses:

Nevada nonprofit corporations formed under NRS Chapter 82 and Corporations Sole formed under NRS Chapter 84 are specific exceptions and are not required to obtain a State business license.

In addition, specific statutory provisions exempt certain businesses from the requirements of the State business license. These businesses must still initially submit the form, WITHOUT FEE, stating the specific exemption. The statutory exemptions are as follows:

A nonprofit religious, charitable, fraternal, or other organization that qualifies as a tax-exempt organization pursuant to 26 U.S.C. § 501(c).

A business who has an active motion picture project in the State of Nevada. As used in this paragraph, “motion pictures” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 231.020.

An insurance company licensed pursuant to NRS 680B.020 not conducting business not incidental to Title 57.

To file your initial list of officers:

Sign in to SilverFlume

  • Go to the bottom of the page and click “Continue” to get to the login page.
  • Enter your email and password and click “Login.”
  • Choose “Initial / Annual List Filings.”
  • Click “Entity Search” and enter your corporation’s name.
  • Select your corporation from the list.
  • Click “File Initial List of Officers and Business License.”

You will be asked to enter the names and addresses of your director/trustee, president, secretary, and treasurer. These can all be the same person, which is better and more convenient in some cases.

Complete the information requested.

Next, let’s get your Employer Identification Number from the IRS.

Go To the IRS EIN Assistant

Choose “Corporation” and proceed. The questions are straightforward and easy to answer. Just follow the instructions.

Next, you need to order your Corporate Book.

Every corporation needs a corporate book. It can be formal or informal. Even though you can use a binder from Wal-Mart and make a book up yourself, I suggest you buy one from Corpkit Legal Supplies, as it is much more professional.

Either go to the Corpkit Legal Supplies website or call them at 800.221.2972.

I like the Corporate Kit Standard for $70.00, but check out their website and order the one that you like best. They come with a corporate seal, certificates, transfer ledger, dividers, and minute paper. You can order their kits with printed minutes and by-laws, or you can download the ones on this site, depending on what works best for you.

And finally, it is time to open your Corporation Bank Account.

You will need to show all banks the following items:

  • Filed Articles of Incorporation
  • Filed Initial List
  • Letter from the IRS confirming your new EIN number

Your bank may ask for additional items. Give them a call and ask what other items you need to bring with you.

We hope this tutorial has been beneficial to you. We would appreciate any comments, suggestions, successes, corrections, or broken links that you have to offer. Visit our ABOUT US page now to learn more about our company.

We wish you the best in your new business venture. Contact us now!