Filing Online Yourself An Overview

Filing Online Yourself An Overview

There is absolutely no reason you have to pay a company or lawyer to form a Nevada corporation or limited liability company for you. Filing online yourself is an easy process. If you do not feel comfortable doing that, please call us, and we will do it for you at no additional charge.

The State of Nevada has made the process fast and easy for the average person to complete online. Nevada Discount Registered Agent, Inc. has created a tutorial to assist you with this process.

This tutorial is going to take you to step by step through building your business, from choosing the type of entity to opening your bank account.

We have nothing to sell you. This information is Free. Visit our About page to know more about our services.

Why Nevada?

Nevada is by far the best state to form a business entity in. Check out Why Should You Incorporate in Nevada for all the reasons why.

What Type of Entity do you want to form?

In order to determine the right business form for you, it is necessary to understand the choices that are available to you and how they will impact your financial success. Two important factors to consider are the tax consequences and personal liability.

The most important advantage of a corporation or an LLC is the protection of personal assets. A corporation or LLC affords more protection than the sole proprietorship or general partnership. Creditors and legal judgments do not involve a shareholder’s or member’s personal finances.

Check out the Types of Business Entities review.

How much is it going to cost me to file online myself?

The only costs you will have are the State of Nevada filing fee, which is $75.00, and your registered agent annual fee, which can range from $50 to $500 a year. At the time you file, you will need to file your initial list of officers or managers with the State of Nevada, and the filing fee is $150.00. The State of Nevada also has an Annual Business License. The cost for an LLC is $200.00, and the cost for a corporation is $500.00. However, you may be exempt from paying this. These latter three items– the registered agent, the initial list, and the business license are explained in detail when you get into the instructions.

Now that you are convinced that Nevada is where you should form your company and you have decided on what type of business entity to form, click below to obtain detailed instructions on how to form your new business or visit our CONTACT US page.

File Your New Nevada Corporation Online Yourself

File Your Nevada Limited Liability Company (LLC) Online Yourself