Reinstate Your Default or Revoked Nevada Company

Reinstate Your
Default or Revoked Nevada Company

Reinstating your default or revoked Nevada Company is very easily. But be sure to carefully examine the cost of reinstating!

What Are The State Of Nevada Reinstatement Fees?

The State of Nevada fees can vary widely. A sure way to find the cost of reinstating is to look up your company's record on the Secretary of State's website. If your company's status is revoked status, the State of Nevada will charge you a $300.00 reinstating fee. There is no reinstating fee for companies in default only. Regardless of whether you are in default or revoked status, you will need to pay each back year's annual list fee, which costs $150.00 per year. Each back year will also have a late fee of $75.00. You will need to pay each back year's business license, which is $500.00 for corporations and $200.00 for all other business entities. You will need to pay each year's business license late fee, which costs $250.00 for corporations and $100 for all other business entities. And finally, you will need to pay the current year's annual list and business license fee. If you are Changing Registered Agents to us, you will need to add the State of Nevada's change fee, which costs $60.00.

Needless to say, reinstating can result in a lot of money. You have to ask yourself if rather than reinstating you would be better off Forming A New Nevada Company or better yet moving your default or revoked company to Wyoming.

  • Do you need the longevity of your default or revoked company?
  • Do you need the current EIN or can you use a new number?
  • Do you have any assets, especially real estate, in your default or revoked company?

We Are Nevada Discount Registered Agent, Inc.

We have been in business since 2000 and are run by our family. This is our profession. The About Nevada Discount Registered Agent will tell you about our philosophy in this business.

Nevada Registered Agent Annual Fee.

Our annual registered agent fee is $95.00. That is the price we chose in 2000 and we have not increased it since. We ensure the costs are sustainable for our company, and more importantly, are affordable for our clients and their own company. I suggest you take a look at Why Should You Select Nevada Discount Registered Agent for a more complete description of our services.

$95.00 - What Do I Get??

The most important asset we deliver is excellence in our service to our clients. We strive every day to deliver better quality service than any other Registered Agent in Nevada. We will complete and file your reinstating documents for $100.00. We will gladly answer your reinstating questions anytime - at no extra cost. We make it a daily practice to go the extra mile for our clients. You can call us anytime with questions, even if they are not related to reinstating, and we will never charge you unnecessarily.

At Nevada Discount Registered Agent, we constantly evaluate ourselves against other professional Registered Agent companies to guarantee that we are, in fact, providing the absolute finest Registered Agent services in the State of Nevada. Visit our Contact Us page if you have more questions.

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