Is The Offer For Free Registered Agent A Good Deal?

Let’s Examine The “Free Registered Agent” Offer.

There is an offer on the Internet for “Free Registered Agent” by a company called Resident Agent Service. They are an independent reseller of InCorp services. Sure, the offer catches attention, but is it a good deal or just another advertising headline? Are you really going to save money or this offer just smoke and mirrors that will cost you more money in the end?

We did some calculating to see if the “Free Registered Agent” offer was better than the everyday Nevada Discount Registered Agent offer of $95.00 a year – every year. Let’s see how the two companies compare.

The first year, “Free Registered Agent” will give you their Registered Agent service for free. The second year and all following years, they will charge you $99.00 per year. So, at the end of your fifth year, you will have paid them $396.00.

Now, let’s examine the offer from Nevada Discount Registered Agent.

The first year and each year following, Nevada Discount Registered Agent will charge you $95.00 for their Registered Agent services. So, at the end of your fifth year, you will have paid us $349.75.

Well! It looks like “Discount” is a better deal than “Free” in a fair comparison. With Nevada Discount Registered Agent, you save $46.25 over the 5 year period. And the longer you have your Business Entity operational, the more money you will save.

Notes: We had to choose a time period for a fair comparison.

If we had chosen just one year, then, of course, the “Free Registered Agent” would have been a better deal. But do you really want to start a business with the mental attitude that you will only be in business for one year? I think that would be a self fulfilling prophecy!

We could have chosen ten years or longer and that would have made us look even better. But many small business owners do not have ten year business plans.

So, we decided on just five years. I think most small business owners can visualize their business five years from now.

Learn Why You Should Select Nevada Discount Registered Agent, Inc. as the Registered Agent For Your Business.